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17 Jan 2017

This video is a basic introduction of 4 different types of RF filters used in most Military and Commercial communication systems. The Low pass filter, the High pass filter, the Band pass filter, and the Band stop or Notch filter.

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27 Sep 2016 microtech

EE Times Article - Review of EDI CON 2016 Trade Show 

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It’s a 3-D world. You design your products with 3-D mechanical software. You even do some manufacturing in 3-D. Why not go to the next step and start to use rigid-flex Printed Circuit Boards so your designs can truly be optimized for your end-user’s functionality instead of being forced into a non-optimized design that fits the usual 2-D PCB? 

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26 Apr 2016

Proudly now representing Delaire-USA World-Wide. 

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