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New "Hinge"​ Tech Used On NASA/JPL Origami Rover

14 Dec 2018

Pioneer Circuits has developed a high-temperature woven fabric “hinge” technology that is compatible with PCB rigid-flex manufacturing. The rigid-flex circuit technology is integrated into a highly reliable, composite structure for NASA/JPL's new PUFFER Micro-Rover bot. It is the first origami micro-rover configuration ever developed.

 To make the technology possible, Pioneer Circuits developed new bonding and process capabilities. Integration of the high-temperature woven material as a layer in the PCB stack up allowed the mechanical and electrical functions to overcome limitations of typical polyimide builds. Using the material as a hinge would make the PUFFER more reliable and able to repeatedly collapse without damaging the copper traces. The new PUFFER design with Pioneer Circuits was capable of withstanding drop-testing that simulated the harsh space body environments, and was able withstand over 5000 cycle tests, 500% more than the original designs.

The PUFFER collapsible microrover is a part of NASA’s “Game Changing Development Program.” It is meant to be a compact rover that rides on board with future space vehicles to land on space bodies such as planets and asteroids for photographs and microanalysis.

Veridane is the sale representative company for Pioneer Circuits in New York and New England. Contact Paul Fitzgerald for your rigid-flex and long-flex applications.


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