Mil-Spec and commercial transit cases for 19”& 9.5” racks,  Li-ion batteries, hazardous materials, clean rooms, drones, optics, EMI protection, munitions, satcom, communications, etc.



KOR Technik Feature

KOR Technik manufactures a new MIL-SPEC technology for shielding valuable assets during transport by encasing the contents with rigidized filled media - a superior form of impact and vibration reduction that is endlessly reusable and reconfigurable.



ZARGES Feature

Aluminum transit cases from Zarges are widely considered to be the best in the world. They are used by the military, governments, commercial and end-users to protect valuables from the water, dust, shock, vibration, and EMI, as well as keeping the contents inside from leaking out including fire from Lithium-ion batteries, hazardous materials, or RF emissions. 


Zarges operates a Tech Center in Charlotte, North Carolina to provide direct support and custom capabilities for its USA customers. The Center offers in-stock aluminum cases, custom CNC foam insert fabrication, component installation, custom painting and graphics and other customizations. The Charlotte facility maintains dozens of product offerings that are available off the shelf, with many options ranging from casters to foam. The engineering team is available to provide custom solutions and fabrication for your complex needs. 


Zarges aluminum cases are a critical element of government logistics. These shipping and transport cases and rackmount cases have been successfully deployed in many applications including: land and air vehicles, mobile hospitals, emergency response units, hazardous material transport, and ground communications. Programs that have strict SWaP (Space, Weight and Power) budgets benefit from the lighter weight of aluminum and the greater usable space when compared to plastic cases.


Mitraset aluminum rackmount cases are the number one choice for transporting highly sensitive electronic equipment. Whether for military, aerospace or industrial applications, Mitraset rackmount cases provide protection against moisture, shocks, impacts, vibrations and electromagnetic interference. With its Mitraset® Half Rack, Mitraset® RRF (Removable Rack Frame) and Mitraset® Racklite products, Zarges has genuine innovations to make handling even faster and simpler. Discover the multitude of applications and solutions provided by the Mitraset rackmount cases.

Mitraset Classic rackmount cases are made of aluminum and are designed to hold electronic equipment in a 19″ grid in accordance with DIN EN 60297-3-100 and EIA-310-E. Zarges Mitraset Half-Rack cases are designed to the same strict standards to hold half-size, 9.5″, electronics.


EMI effectively can be addressed in very complex terms but for most applications EMI shielding requires a Faraday cage around the equipment requiring protection. Any gap in the cage will allow some leakage and if the case contents are susceptible to that frequency range or if sensitive data can be compromised by the emission of those frequencies, the EMI effectively is inadequate. The Zarges enclosure was tested for shielding effectiveness over the frequency range of 1 - 18GHz and passed.

Aluminum offers many advantages over typical composite case construction. It can weather extreme temperatures, resist impact without cracking, and will not rust or corrode over time. ZARGES cases are free of ferromagnetism and are an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. The Mitraset line of aluminum rackmount cases for electronic installations are inherently shielded against EMI.

Aluminum cases can be fabricated with welded or formed seams to eliminate most radiation leakage with little additional cost in manufacturing processes or material content. Plastic and composite materials require some type of conductive supplement to the nonconductive basic materials and these supplements significantly increase material/labor costs. These supplemental materials are difficult to employ in the case manufacture and often easily damaged when the case experiences rough handling environments or temperature extremes.

The Mitraset and K475 cases passed the shielding requirements of 60dB from 150kHz to 18GHz. The tests were performed at Chomerics, Inc. of Woburn MA. The assessment determined that the Mitraset does comply to the certain requirements set forth in IEEE STD 299.

As a custom option, the Mitraset and K475 cases can be fitted with a EMI shielding gasket made from Chomerics CHO-SEAL 1285, which is silver-plated aluminum in silicone and provides additional shielding between 90-110 dB.


Mitraset rackmount cases have proven themselves in a multitude of tests and military deployments. For the Mitraset® Classic, Zarges has obtained US MIL-STD-810 standard.

Zarges cases have been designed to meet multiple MIL specs including MIL-STD-285 and MIL-STD 810. These aluminum cases have been successful for ammunitions and firearms packaging, satellite protection, and in-theatre communication systems. Zarges cases are also essential in the transport and security of equipment for police, emergency medical services and firefighters. UN Certification for hazmat transport and storage is also available.


Protecting your UAV and all its accessories while in transit is fundamental to its quality and longevity. Zarges aluminum cases provide the ultimate protection for expensive drones and equipment, to keep them as good as new. And with custom sizes and custom foam inserts, designed specifically for your machine, your purpose made Zarges aluminum case can house the drone and all its accessories, including extra batteries, chargers, and remote controls.


Zarges offers a variety of aluminum cases appropriate for the shipping and storage of Lithium and Lithium Ion batteries (Li-Ion) throughout the product lifecycle. Zarges BatterySafe™ cases are designed for safe packaging and transport of lithium ion batteries. Zarges’ solutions are comprised of aluminum cases with different linings of materials that can suppress ignition and contain heat. BatterySafe cases offer all the available features of our standard K470 cases, including secure latches, stacking corners, three fully-welded aluminum profile frames, and easy loading and unloading. The cases are appropriate for a variety of uses including for defense contractors standardizing battery management, vehicle battery development, medical equipment, power tools, electronics, and drones.


Zarges has been producing UN-approved aluminum cases for many years. Zarges Aluminum cases are approved as composite packaging (Code UN 4B, 4BU, 4BV, 4BW, 50B) and are available with UN Certification for the transport of Hazardous Materials.


Zarges is a global supplier of clean room storage and transport equipment, used in hundreds of clean rooms worldwide. Zarges aluminum cases provide compatibility across the full spectrum of clean room classes. Cases are available with or without custom foam liners and inserts. Zarges cases provide tangible benefits for reverse logistic processes like cleanroom storage and transport. These cases are made of a tough aluminum alloy that is either anodized or powder coated. These surface treatments are not electrically conductive, protect against corrosion and reduce potential off gassing contamination. In normal use, the case finish is scratch resistant, and will generate no dust or aluminum particles. These cases are offered with IP levels up to IP67 to protect against transmission of dust, vapor and other contaminants. The case exterior is hygienic and easily cleaned and disinfected for introduction into clean areas.


Zarges aluminum cases are a critical tool for First Responders, Emergency Services and Disaster Recovery, providing secure transport and storage. These cases have been successfully deployed in many applications including: land and air vehicles, mobile hospitals, emergency response units, hazardous material transport, and ground communications. Municipal budgets benefit from the lighter weight of aluminum and the greater usable space when compared to plastic cases. They are rugged enough to deploy in any environment, with integrated seals for protection from dust and water intrusion, sturdy frames and reliable, easy-to-operate latches. Many offer integrated stacking corners for additional stability for storing and transporting multiple cases. Several types of aluminum containers are offered to meet the varied needs of first responders, including standard cases, rolling cases, rackmount cases for 19″ electronics, and baskets, all made to the same exacting standards.


Zarges has long been the preferred cases of the world's leading oceanographic institutes. Zarges has earned the trust of these organizations through decades of superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Lightweight, durable aluminum: made from aluminum that is light, robust, impervious to water vapor and temperature fluctuations. Impact-resistant - and Strong: aluminum is designed to absorb the force of a collision - protecting the contents, what matters most. Corrosion-resistant: On contact with oxygen the surface develops an oxide layer which reforms immediately if damage occurs. Durable handles and fasteners: Zarges cases are built with durable latches, riveted joints, stainless steel hinges, and ergonomic handles.


Educational institutions depend on Zarges cases for a variety of applications. Laboratory equipment is secured and safely transported to various climates and experiments. Due to the wide range of available sizes, Zarges has a solution for the smallest instruments through microscopes and telescopes. Art departments are using Zarges cases to store canvases and tools with confidence that they are safe from the elements. Sports teams also use Zarges cases to aid the travel logistics of uniforms, equipment and medical supplies. Field researchers’ samples are protected from damage and contamination.

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