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Fiber Optic Rotary Joint for Drone Camera Systems

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint for Drone Camera Systems

11 Apr 2017

Right-Angle FORJ Reduces Size and Weight

SPINNER recognized the challenges posed by the limited space available inside drones, especially when camera gimbals are integrated. Due to the required high-speed 4K video data transmission rates (HD-SDI), there is no alternative to fiber-optic systems. The problem with conventional fiber-optic rotary joints is that the fibers run axially, i.e. they enter and leave along the rotational axis, which increases the space requirement.

SPINNER has developed a globally unique solution and implemented it in the 1.14L. An ingenious optical system allows the fiber to exit at a 90° angle to the axis of rotation, which greatly reduces the required space. Carefully selected optical components, along with highly precise production, ensure reliable long-term operation.

Spinner FORJ for Drones

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