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New RF Connector for DC - 90 GHz

New RF Connector for DC - 90 GHz

13 Dec 2018

SPINNER has designed a new type of connector for high-frequency applications that closes the gap between existing 1.85 mm and 1.00 mm coaxial connectors. It's a 1.35 mm connector that works over the frequency range of DC - 90 GHz.

The 1.85 only goes to 65 GHz, and while the 1.00 mm goes to 110 GHz, it's relatively fragile. The 1.35 mm has good RF performance, plus the integrated push-pull function and precise metric threads to make it robust. Systems using cable assemblies with the 1.35 mm connector will stay in calibration longer.

Other companies will also start making it and establishes the 1.35 mm as a new industry standard connector.

Veridane is the sales representative company for Spinner in New York and New England.

Adapters are available to go between the 1.35 mm connector and 1.85 mm, 1.00 mm connectors. A version is available to interface to 0.047" semi-rigid cable.



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